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In the video game world, if you get enough points, you go to another level where you have more skills and strengths and also new challenges. This is sometimes referred to as “leveling up.” That is about all I know about video games. …

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Your birth was a promise
from me to you
that I would always have your back
no matter what

As a baby, you wailed
my breast, your only solace
we rocked our nights away
to the moon and back

You were a passionate child
full of angst and wonder
mine was the…

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It is hard to hear no. But in Japanese, at least at first, it is even harder to say it. Yes and no are two of the first words I wanted to learn when I went to Japan. I remember clearly asking my friends how to say these words. They…

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I have never watched my wedding video. It was so important to me back then to record it but it has never occurred to me to watch it. When my kids were growing up I took thousands of pictures of them. I had them printed, bought photo albums, and sorted…

A Poem

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The floor disappears beneath me
my cheeks flashing red like a stoplight
my hands at once wet and cold
where can I disappear to?

I am struck
I did not foresee
this sudden revelation
that you do not recognize my value

Your glance
your careful words
asking me to leave
to take my…

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I am a person who has spent my life not understanding loyalty. I thought I did. I thought I was the most loyal person around. I was loyal to my friends, my family, and anything and anyone I associated with.

I believed loyalty was sticking with someone or something no…

Angie Smartt

I’m just a person who ponders.

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