How I replenish my brain after being suddenly overwhelmed

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This weekend I caught myself becoming completely overwhelmed all of a sudden. I went from functioning like I usually do to just sitting and staring into space. Sounds became muffled and shapes became blurred.

I had just finished an unexpected phone call that was intense and triggering. Nothing really bad…

When words just worm their way in

Photo by Alicia Jones on Unsplash

Some words just worm into my head, even across language and culture. This week they are sababa and habibi.

Sababa is Hebrew and my friend tells me means, awesome, wonderful, cool. It is a very positive and happy word which makes me love it, but also, just say it. It’s sababa to say.

Habibi is Arabic and means “my love.” It is used as a pet name for friends, family, whoever you may call beloved. But also, it is just delicious on the tongue.

So there you have it my sababa Habibi's. I hope these words worm into your mind and bring you loads of joy.

Are there any sababa words rolling around your head? Let me know in the comments!

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