I'm curious where your definition of this word is coming from. If you consult online dictionaries such as merriam-webster or oxford you'll find that the definition is a patronizing explanation from a man to a woman. There is a troubling systemic problem in our culture that acts to silence women. Its root is sexism. I I am uncomfortable with someone redefining a word to make a point. Much like being white, being a man puts you in the hegemony and with that comes certain responsibilities. Like when someone who isn't white says they are experiencing racism, they are. White people in America have all kinds of problems but racism isn't one. Men in America have all kinds of problems but sexism isn't one. What I am hearing from you is that you are feeling condescended to from women you work with. Yes, women can be condescending too and your experience sounds awful. I want you to write about it and I want everyone to read it and learn something and do better. But I don't want the deep systemic problem that mansplaining defines to be diluted in the process.

I’m just a person who ponders.